Real Poker, an online crypto casino, provides an exceptional poker playing experience, granting you the convenience of playing various types of poker while on the move.

Dedicated to professional poker playing, Real Poker is an online crypto casino that exclusively supports the BITCOIN cryptocurrency for seamless and secure transactions. It offers an exceptional combination of convenience, privacy, and an enjoyable gaming experience, making it an excellent choice for poker lovers. With its diverse range of poker variations, user-friendly interface, and reliable support, Real Poker stands out as a top destination for players seeking convenient poker action while on the go. In the following sections, we will delve into some of the key features of this website.

How much is the Rake amount?

Real Poker implements a competitive rake structure, with rake amounts ranging from 2.5% to 4.15%. When compared to similar websites, this represents a relatively low rake percentage. By keeping the rake amount at a reasonable level, Real Poker ensures that your profits remain preserved and unaffected.

+25% RakeBack For All Players:

At Real Poker, all players are entitled to a generous 25% rakeback. You can conveniently monitor your rakeback balance in real time as you engage in gameplay. Make sure to claim your rakeback at midnight every 24 hours.

Real Poker - Referral Program

Refer And Earn With RealPoker:

RealPoker presents a fantastic opportunity for earning additional income through its referral program. By referring users to sign up and play on the website, you can receive a generous 25% commission as long as they keep playing. This commission is derived from the "Rake" amount that RealPoker collects from each player. So, It's a good way to maximize your earnings while promoting the platform to others.

Exchanging Poker Chips:

The process of buying poker chips at Real Poker involves converting BTC (Bitcoin) into chips. The platform ensures that the rate you receive when you join a table is the same rate you'll receive when you leave the table. This means that you are effectively playing with bitcoins directly. There is no variation in the rate for buying and selling chips. As a reference, the conversion rate is 0.00000200 BTC for 1 Poker Chip. This straightforward approach allows for a seamless and transparent experience when it comes to purchasing and using poker chips on the platform.

No-Deposit Welcome Bonus:

Real Poker offers a generous no-deposit welcome bonus to new users. Upon signing up on the website, you instantly receive a bonus of ₿0.0015 in a separate wallet specifically designated for the bonus funds. While there are specific terms and conditions associated with the bonus, you can use the bonus money right away to play online bitcoin poker. It provides an excellent opportunity to explore and enjoy the platform without having to make an initial deposit.

No downloads are required

The platform offers a sleek interface that ensures a satisfying user experience. The interface is designed to be so good that you won't notice any difference from using a native application. Furthermore, Real Poker is fully compatible with mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to enjoy the platform on the go. Whether you prefer playing on a desktop computer or using a mobile device.

Learning Poker Skills: is a good place for learning and enhancing your poker skills. Every month, the platform publishes high-quality articles covering a range of topics, including poker strategies and how-to guides. So, You can access and read these articles directly within the platform which you are playing at. This allows you to immediately put into practice the strategies you have learned and see how they work for you.

We highly recommend reading their article on "Practical and Cheap Methods to Winning at Bitcoin Poker" for insightful tips and techniques. It's a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and improve your gameplay.

Real Poker - Screenshot

When it comes to Crypto Casinos, being able to test out the casino before depositing any money is an excellent thing. allows users to start playing on the online poker platform, without having to deposit any money. Click our special link here to sign up and receive a 0.0015 BTC welcome bonus.