Experience a Play-to-Earn Platform where you can engage in competitive Real Time Strategy games and simultaneously earn micro earnings without having to deposit anything at all.

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XTHWorld.com Review

Introducing XTHWorld.com, a cutting-edge play-to-earn platform that provides users with the opportunity to play a competitive Real Time Strategy game while earning micro payments in cryptocurrency. Not only does this platform offer an exciting gaming experience, but it also presents various additional avenues to maximize your earnings. These include pay-to-click ads, a Faucet feature, task completion rewards, and even investment opportunities. In this review, we will talk about the key features and aspects that make XTHWorld.com a standout platform in the world of play-to-earn gaming.

What can I do to earn money on XTHWorld?

Fundamental Earning Features:

XTHWorld.com offers a range of opportunities to earn extra cryptocurrency. Let's explore the various earning aspects:

Stacks Investing:

Investors who invest in this section will receive a daily Return on Investment (ROI) along with monthly dividends. It's important to note that the availability of company stacks for sale on XTHWorld is limited. However, once all the stacks are sold, users can internally trade them, which can lead to potential limitless profits and price increases during periods of high demand.

Satoshis Forge:

Satoshi Forge allows you to exchange game resources for Satoshi, thus adding to your cryptocurrency earnings, similar to a Faucet.

View Advertising:

Just like Pay-to-Click (PTC) websites, you can click on ads and view them until the countdown reaches zero. In return, money is earned by you.

XTHWorld - Offers Wall

Wall of Offers:

The Wall of Offers presents a wide array of tasks that, when you successfully complete them, reward you with the specified amount of money.

XTHWorld - Events


By participating in events, you can win exciting rewards for activities you already engage in on a daily basis. Some events follow unique principles and offer special rewards. Once an event concludes, top participants who have achieved all ordinary event goals and claimed all regular rewards can claim exclusive rewards.

Please note that these special rewards are only available to governors who have demonstrated exceptional dedication.


XTHWorld.com boasts an exceptional referral program that offers generous benefits. As a participant, you earn commissions for both the deposits and withdrawals made by your referrals. When someone signs up using your unique referral link, you receive 10% of every deposit they make and 5% of every withdrawal they initiate. The best part is that there are no time limits on these commissions, ensuring ongoing earning potential.

Proof of Payments:

XTHWorld.com grants transparency by allowing anyone to view the last 100 withdrawals made by its users. This feature provides an additional layer of peace of mind. Furthermore, with the integration of FaucetPay as a withdrawal method, there is no need to worry about cashing out your earnings. In conclusion, you can solely focus on playing better and maximizing your earning potential.

Lets Play

The real earnings begin here!
Set aside other earning opportunities we just discussed. They were just additional ways to earn income in XTHWorld. What sets apart this platform from other play to earn websites is the comprehensive gaming experience offered.
The game progress includes things like constructing buildings, doing researches, training your army and strategic fightings. Also, you can create alliance with other players.
Then, you will get cash rewards and in-game items. After that you can sell your items for satoshi and withdraw them as real money and enjoy it.