Cointraffic is a premier crypto advertising network that you can use to drive targeted traffic through its innovative ad formats including banner ads, press release distribution, and native ads.

Cointraffic: A Premier Crypto & Bitcoin Advertising Network

Cointraffic is one of the leading Crypto Advertising Networks. Reach your target audience through strategically crafted ad formats, including banner ads, press release distribution, and native ads. With a range of advertising options tailored to your Crypto marketing campaign, you can make sure that your brand receives the attention it deserves. 

Cointraffic - Ad formats

Breakdown of main ad formats

Banner Ads

Banner ads serve as an effective tool for launching your brand into the spotlight. Alongside driving clicks for your website, banners are important in user conversion by building brand awareness. With the potential to maximize your budget and enhance brand recognition, incorporating banner ads is a strategic step that every successful Crypto advertising campaign should take.

Press Release Distribution

Cointraffic offers a great press release service that enables you to publish a post about your business across a network of crypto-related websites. Additionally, The process is both efficient and straightforward:

  • First, Cointraffic generates a curated list of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin-related websites just for you.
  • You have the authority to select and approve the list of publishers that align with your objectives.
  • Cointraffic's dedicated copywriter staff will write a unique, professional post for you based on your needs.
  • Thats it! Your press release is published, and a detailed report with links and related information will be provided to you. This will give you valuable insights into your campaign's success.

Native Ads

Native ads seamlessly integrate into website designs. They are designed to look like original content of the website while driving targeted traffic. So, native ads tend to be non-disruptive and have a high click-through rate format. That is why native ads bring engaged and action-ready visitors.

Cointraffic - Customer support

Exceptional Personalized Support

What sets Cointraffic apart is its exceptional live chat customer support. As a Cointraffic user, you're never alone or stranded. You're assigned a dedicated personal account manager who guides you through the process of selecting the ideal ad format and preparing for your campaign launch. All this is done swiftly through live chat, providing you with fast assistance.

Cointraffic - Make Money

Making money from your website with Cointraffic

If you believe your website meets its high-quality requirements, and you want to make some money from your website, don't miss the chance to joinCointraffic's ad network. Because of to nature of only high-quality websites allowed to join, commission rates are accordingly high amounts. Similar to SurfeBe. Additionally, by accepting press releases, alongside earning money, you will add to your website's content for free.


The essence of a successful Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency venture lies in quality traffic, a principle that Cointraffic deeply understands. Their carefully selected network partners epitomize high quality.

Drive targeted traffic through innovative ad formats including banner ads, press release distribution, and native ads. Moreover, you will enjoy help of an expert personal assistance. Also, Cointraffic has over five years of proven success in driving quality traffic to diverse Cryptocurrency projects. Join Cointraffic today and elevate your Crypto marketing strategy to new heights.