CoinPayU is one of the biggest, 100% legit Paid-To-Click (PTC) site since 2019. Rapidly growing, now over 2 million users. Easy Non Active ads huge offerwalls , nice crypto rewards. Withdrawal in many assets.

CoinPayu is one of the most widespread and largest 100% legit PTC (Paid to Click) bitcoin site where we can collect the biggest bitcoin satoshi rewards by clicking on adverts or visiting websites. In addition, you can fill out surveys from the largest best paid online survey sites or download various apps to your phone then you can also grab a few dollars worth of free cryptocurrency. Score: 4.9 ⭐ / 5

Coinpayu earnings opportunities:

Surf ADs

The easiest and quickest way to earn satoshi is to view surf ads and get up to 30 satoshi / click. All we need to do is open these ads and wait for the time to expire, solve the simple captcha identification (only on standard membership), and then grab your bitcoin satoshi reward in your Coinpayu wallet. These are passive ads so you don't need to focus on them. So while are you waiting you can open a new tab in your browser and do whatever you wish before the countdown timer disappears and allow you to view the next paid advert. On average days there are approximately 20-50 surf ads here, so diligent people easily fill their wallets with free 2-400 satoshi/day just with this method.

Windows (framed) ads

This is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is you have to focus on the actual advert otherwise the timer will stop. However, if you wait till the timer is gone you can earn your free crypto reward!

Article Ads

Nothing complicated, same as above watch ads then collect satoshi rewards. There are 2 kinds of article ads here: one of them marked 🟡, you will be rewarded after the countdown is ended, and the other one which has ⭐symbol it is requires to complete one of the actions to get rewarded: to view the image, visit one of the links inside or click the tag of the article.

Video ads

4th way of earning cryptos from ads is by watching videos until countdown ended.


Nice faucet is also available, which can be collected daily in 15 different crypto coins (BTC, ADA, DOGE, TRX, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, BNB, BTT, USDT, SOL, SHIB, MATIC, MIOTA). Each crypto coins has 60 min count down so it is worth collecting one type per hour. Standard members can claim max 4 faucet daily, and max 8 faucet daily for upgraded member. Upgraded member claim value is 200-400% and without captcha requirement.

Offer wall

One if not the largest offer wall page with plenty of surveys and many other different tasks can be done for 1000, 2000, 5000 or more satoshi rewards. If you would like to unlock all offer walls immediately and wish your payment processed on high priority, you need to do a profile verification and then get access to exclusive features.

CoinPayU survey wall
CoinPayu - survey wall

CoinPayu survey wall
CoinPayu survey wall - you can earn a quite good amount of satoshi

Affiliate market

On the site, we can buy and sell Coinpayu users who make you a commission whenever they put or view ads on the market, do offers surveys on offer walls, or claim faucets. You have 2 options: one of the System Market where you can buy referrals without upline from the system and the other one is User Market where you can buy referrals from users who decide to sell it.

One of the most attractive commission systems with a free bitcoin collection system since 2019. The referral commission can be up to 50% (based on membership).

About ads

Millions have already registered on the site. 150,000 active users per week, over 15 million Advertisement Impression Weekly. So in this case thousands of people can see the bitcoin ads in one day. One of the largest active users bitcoin paid to click sites. Whatever you advertise, we can find an interested crypto user here.


Almost 1 million successful payments have gone through Coinpayu. Mini withdrawal 1000 satoshi currencies in 15+ cryptocurrencies and it will usually arrive in our bitcoin wallet in 72 hours (profile verification can be reduced down this time interval) or the FaucetPay micro wallet can be linked to it. More details and fees: here.

Alternatively, you can check more payment proofs: here or check out how to use CoinPayu staking platform. If you would like to read more reviews of similar crypto earning sites like SurfeBe, please check out our free cryptos page.