Transfer money to the financial system from your self-custodial wallet, use the MasterCard debit card to make purchases, and get up to 50% return on transaction fees.

P100 wallet gives customers secure access to bank transfers, debit cards, and personal financial accounts while enabling them to fully manage their crypto holdings.

Use your MasterCard debit card to make purchases, transfer funds from your self-custodial wallet to the banking system, and receive a 50% refund on transaction fees.

self custody wallet
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  • 5 EUR for registration
  • 100 EUR discount on fees
  • 2.5 EUR for friend referral
Registration process:

You can access your P100 wallet through the following link. Log in your P100 crypto wallet app through the Android or iOS app downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. The installation process is your wallet is set ready for use just after a simple KYC process. Currently you can not create physical MasterCard, it will be available soon. But given that you can create a virtual Master Card and having it in Google or Apple Pay then you pay with your P100 via NFC with your crypto wallet phone.

Financial Services at P100 wallet:
  • Instant peer-to-peer transfers between users;
  • Personal Euro accounts;
  • SEPA transactions & Debit card;
  • Exchange currencies
  • Receive a rebate of up to 50% on transaction fees
P100 Crypto Services:
  • Instant zero-fee peer-to-peer transactions between users
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Open Blockchain transactions
  • Market and limit orders for buying or selling cryptocurrencies
  • Self-custodial crypto wallet with unbeatable MPC technology
P100 Points:

Unlock various fee plans to receive up to a 50% refund on crypto fees.

  • Amass points and earn up to 20% cashback on all card purchases.
    Get up to 30 euros in welcome incentives when you sign up now!
P100 wallet Friend Payment:
  • Instantaneously send pals fiat or crypto with no fees
  • Instantaneously receive fiat or crypto at no cost from your pals