GalactiX is a brand new crypto casino that combines the cosmic action of the crpyto, with your favorite gambling games and thrilling storylines. Get your 10 GLX signup bonus upon registration! is a rising online crypto casino that mixes the action-packed universe of the crypto with colorful storylines and your favorite casino games. It brings a social feature, too, and it is the reason to meet and compete with friends online or share their successes. The project combines not only the fun of gaming but also the simplicity of using blockchain technology, which together offers an easy-to-use, entertaining and immersive experience that brings together the ever-expanding player base and all the future crypto lovers.

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Gaming at

At the very heart is a colorful collection of games that each responding to different kind of player characteristics and the wills of the players. Using as a back-up base more than 3000 classics from dozens of game producers, the platform also contributes innovations and original, in house made games to the range of titles on offer. A gaming platform for all thanks to the provision of good graphics and the smoothness of gameplay mechanics, caters for the afternoon gamer as well as the seasoned casino milieu. will definitely make this possible thanks to its technology.

Story Mode

The journey to planets within the solar system at
Get completely immersed in the unique virtual reality of story mode. The universe coming to life as an intricate masterpiece of galaxies interconnected by fine threads. The mission successfully concluded results in the opening of uncommon boxes destined for the player, a bag of treasures packed with various items. Besides the celebrated prizes, eggsciting reward is in store with the embedded eggs full of wonder. Through endurance and compassion, these eggs hatch into a room of unique individuals, diffused by the differences in each one of them. Gamers can take these characters as their alters in which they reflect their success and individualism in the Galactix world. It should be noted that the players who go with higher stakes and bet more generously are offered the gifts of greater proportions.

Rewards at

The rewards zone of is where players can find various awards and hedonistic items. From straight-to-the-point cash incentives to special tokens with many combination of default options. Thrilling lottery draws, free spin bonus, and regular betting competitions can be enjoyed in the website. Also VIP club for the most esteemed players of the platform. The payout plan is set up so that the players earn more than the ones who play a lot and bet size. These rewards can be obtained through various means. Advancing in story mode, coming anew in a bidding contest, pushing the rank ladder, picking up promo codes. Player also may send their gains other players as well.

Tokenomics at, in turn, implements an alternative tokenomics model through which users mine native tokens after placing bets. Then it can be traded in diverse categories from grizzled lottery tickets to rakeback potions, unique avatars and many others. Also through the creation of an internal trading system as well as the integration of future external exchange listings.'s main objective is to improve the token longevity through a deflationary strategy that involves burning tokens and thus.