Fast growing PTC (Paid to Click) site over 300k users where you can grab up to 0.03405 BTC / hour (subject to your luck). Surveys, offerwall, 1 time jobs, shortlinks, and much more ways to boost your income for FREE every day.

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GraBTC - over 300k users

How you can grab BTC every day?

The short and simple name of GraBTC included what you actually can do here: grab your faucet every hour and claim up to 0.03405 FREE BTC (subject to your luck). But this is not the only way how you can grab your FREE crypto every day. Shortlinks, offerwalls, PTC Ads, activity rewards, contests, lottery, tasks and more! Let's see what these features are:

Earn up to $200 per day!

GraBTC has their own internal currency, called bits. After every successfully completed activity, you can earn bits which can be converted into bitcoin (BTC). 1 bits = 1 BTC satoshi.

Do FREE offerwalls daily and grab your extra bits worth up to $200 / day. This is not a bad income for a few minutes job, but that's not all! If you earn bits from offerwall, every month the TOP 15 of the most bits collected persons can grab the reward total of 2,500,000 satoshis (worth $740). Cool isn't it?

GraBTC offerwall contest
GraBTC - offerwall contest

PTC (Paid to Click) ads

If you are a crypto hunter, you should be familiar with this kind of advertising method. Similar to other sites, you need to watch ads to grab your reward of FREE satoshi.


There are plenty of one time jobs available here in a total of 5190 bits = 5190 satoshi BTC. Easy to do, but some of them take longer to reach requirements to be able to claim than others. These jobs are based on to build GraBTC reputation by promoting their website.

GraBTC jobs
GraBTC - jobs