Notcoin is a Telegram-based clicker game, where you can earn a Binance listed cryptocurrency called NOTcoin.

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Notcoin is a cryptocurrency that gained popularity through its Telegram-based clicker game, where you can earn tokens by clicking on a coin icon. Launched by Open Builders in November 2023 as a meme coin, it evolved into a game played by many.

Notcoin operates on the TON blockchain, known for its high transaction throughput and security. Initially, Notcoins were just in-game assets, but they have since been converted into a real cryptocurrency called the NOT token.

The NOT token is now listed on major exchanges like Binance​.

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How to participate

To start generating NOTcoins, all you have to do is join their Telegram and use the application they give you. By tapping your screen, you can mine NOTcoins, that you can also spend to boost your clicking, like any other clicker-style game, such as improving coins per click, more energy to spend on clicks, an auto-clicking bot that runs for 12 hours, and more.

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You can sign up by clicking any of the links on this page. Invite your friends to play, and the more Notcoins they make, the more you can also move forward.