is a user-friendly platform for earning cryptocurrency without any investment. With the straightforward tasks of participating in surveys and sharing your internet connection, you can earn passive income in crypto. review

Pawns is a platform for generating free cryptocurrency income. The platform offers two primary methods to gain passive income: Sharing your internet connection (similar to the Honeygain website), and telling your opinions about brands by doing surveys. - Main

In this review we will discuss the core features of, highlighting how you can easily generate income by filling out surveys and sharing your internet connection.

Earning Money through Surveys

Earn money by simply completing surveys on your device. This straightforward process helps businesses obtain valuable feedback from you. They will use that data to refine their products and services based on your insights. And ultimately helps them to offer marketable solutions.

How much can you earn from Surveys?

Your earnings directly depend on the number of surveys you have completed. While some surveys are short and can be finished in minutes, others may take around 30 minutes. It's important to note that survey length doesn't necessarily mean higher earnings! So, trying to do  multiple shorter surveys is recommended to have more income from this website.

The process of earning via surveys is straightforward: Surveys - 1

Brands and companies provide their survey forms to Pawns. Surveys - 2

Pawns gives you the surveys so you can complete them. Surveys - 3

Receive free crypto rewards for sharing your opinions.

Earning Money by Sharing Your Internet

By sharing access to your internet connection, you enable different companies to experience the internet through the eyes of real users. Free from censorship or geographical limitations. This, in turn, helps various businesses enhance their brand loyalty and create more effective marketing strategies. And you will earn substantial amounts of free cryptocurrency for sharing your network.

How much can you earn by sharing your internet connection?

Earnings are calculated by the volume of the traffic you share. So, Longer online presence meanes higher earnings. Also, Running the application across various devices with unique  IP addresses boosts your income further.

The process of earning money via internet sharing is easy and straightforward: Sharing - 2

Keep the application active in the background for internet sharing. Sharing - 3

Withdraw your earnings once you reach the minimum threshold.

Security and Privacy Measures of

Pawns safety and privacy seriously. The platform doesn't require KYC verification for internet sharing. Your information remains confidential and isn't shared with third parties. However, clients are required to identify themselves before accessing your shared internet. Moreover, data transmitted through the Pawns network is encrypted, guaranteeing your peace of mind. - 2


In summary, presents an appealing and user-friendly means of earning free cryptocurrency. Also, You do not need to invest or deposit anything to start earning. Start now by completing short surveys and sharing your internet connection. Sign up on now to receive an additional welcome gift of $1 and boost your journey of free crypto earning!