PipeFlare is a crypto gaming platform allowing you to earn while you play. You will receive free ZEC, MATIC, 1FLR tokens every 36 hours. also have the chance to participate in various cryptocurrency airdrops.

PipeFlare is a crypto gaming platform that allows you to earn money by playing games. It offers various crypto faucets where you can receive free ZEC, MATIC and 1FLR every 36 hours. Also, When you register a PipeFlare account, you also have the opportunity to participate in several cryptocurrency airdrops throughout the month.

So, what can you do on PipeFlare to earn money?


Once you log in to your PipeFlare account, visit the "daily rewards" page to claim from three different faucets every 36 hours. These faucets reward you with ZEC, MATIC, and 1FLR tokens.

Want to multiply Your Faucet Earnings?

PipeFlare offers exciting multipliers for faucet claims:

PipeFlare - Multipliers

Social Multiplier:

By linking your social media accounts (up to a total of four), you can earn additional rewards from all your faucet claims. When you have 4 / 4 accounts linked, You will get a forever multiplier of 1.9x on all your future faucet claims!

Referral Multiplier:

Referring your friends to the platform grants you another multiplier, but just for for ZEC claims. Reaching 25 referrals can earn you a 1.75x multiplier.

Special NFTs:

If you have special PipeFlare NFTs, connecting them to your account provides extra rewards for each claim you make afterwards.

Playing Games:

Completing PipeFlare's in-game challenges rewards you with a predetermined amount of 1FLR tokens. Additionally, achieving a high rank on a game's leaderboard allows you to receive a part of the weekly prize pool.

PipeFlare - Games

Payments are announced on the Discord channel to provide players with peace of mind. Furthermore, leaderboard prizes can be doubled, similar to faucet claims, by purchasing a specific NFT and connecting it to your account.

The PipeFlare platform places significant emphasis on its referral program. Apart from multiplying your ZEC faucet claims, By gaining referrals, You receive a specified percentage of all future earnings and payments made by your referred users. The percentage increases as the number of your referrals grows.

Special bonus:

Upon reaching 10 referrals, PipeFlare grants you a special reward that includes:

  • 5 free spins (up to $5 each)
  • Mystery Eggs
  • Up to 50 free rounds of Rock Paper Scissors
  • 1 bonus Mystery Spin

What do I need to do to withdraw money?

To withdraw funds from the platform, you must reach at least level 3. Reaching level 3 is relatively simple, and you need to:

  • Play games for a total of 20 hours.
  • Stake a minimum of 3,000 1FLR tokens.
  • Play at least five different games.
  • Complete three PipeFlare Game Challenges.

It's worth mentioning that you don't have to pay anything to complete the aforementioned tasks. Once you've accomplished them, you can easily withdraw tokens from your account.

In conclusion, PipeFlare is definitely a recommended platform for earning free crypto. Don't miss this opportunity and create a PipeFlare account now to start earning!