Rollercoin is an immersive Bitcoin mining simulator game where you can virtually mine cryptocurrency. Challenge other players to boost your mining power and earn real cryptocurrency rewards sent directly to your wallet.

Rollercoin is an immersive Bitcoin mining simulator game that offers a virtual mining experience. While the mining process takes place within the game, the money you mine is paid out in real-life cryptocurrency. Engage in challenges against other players to enhance your mining power. The rewards from mining blocks will be directly sent to your personal wallet, allowing you to have real cryptocurrency earnings.

Rollercoin Review - Bitcoin Mining Simulator

Gameplay as a Bitcoin mining simulator:

You'll have access to virtual items necessary for mining, building, and upgrading your data center. While these items are virtual, the outcomes are very real. Every ten minutes, a Bitcoin block is allocated, and all active players will receive a portion of it. The amount you receive is determined by your mining power within the game. If you play like a professional miner, you can expect decent rewards, which can be withdrawn immediately.

What kind of things can i do to earn money?

Collecting In-game goods and items:

RollerCoin - Goods & Items

Rollercoin offers a wide range of items within the game, including Miners, Racks, Batteries, and other essential components. To mine actual cryptocurrency, you'll need to acquire miners, configure them correctly, and ensure smooth operation. The in-game currency used in Rollercoin is RTL tokens, which are used for purchasing all items and goods available. Additionally, the marketplace section provides you with the opportunity to sell your in-game items for RTL tokens. Alternatively, if you prefer buying, there are options to purchase items from other players at lower prices.

Play Mini Games:

Looking to boost your influence? Play mini-games and accomplish various missions to level-up. This enhances your mining capabilities. So that you'll eventually ascend to the ranks of a super miner.

Events and Special rewards:

Rollercoin consistently holds special contests and promotions. This is to acknowledge your time and effort as a dedicated miner player. Try staying up to date with the latest news, you'll have the opportunity to take part in these exciting events and reap the rewards they offer.

The Offers wall:

In addition to mining-related activities, Rollercoin features an Offer Wall section where you can find a range of tasks and surveys provided by third party providers. By successfully completing these tasks, you earn in-game currency in the form of RLT Tokens. The tasks available on the Offer Wall vary and can include activities such as viewing advertisements or installing and playing sponsored games.

Referral program:

The game offers sophisticated referral program. Through this, you will receive 25% of the profits generated by the individuals you refer to the game. Additionally, you'll earn 15% of the amount they spend on in-game purchases. You get the referral program profit via in-game wallet within 24 hours. From there, you have the freedom to choose whether to withdraw the funds or reinvest them in mining tools.

RollerCoin - GamePlay


It may sound strange that you earn real life crypto by playing the games of a mining simulator! But its real! The Rollercoin platform has been successfully running and paying their players for more than 5 years.
So, click here to create your Rollercoin account and test it for your self!