KuCoin is a Comprehensive Crypto Trading Platform that offers lots of absolutely free cash rewards. Also, it offers a user-friendly and efficient platform for trading cryptocurrencies, providing a seamless experience both on their app and website.

KuCoin Review


KuCoin is a Comprehensive Crypto Trading Platform for All Your Needs. The platform boasts a high-performance order matching engine, capable of handling the demands of a high-volume and volatile market. This technology guarantees a smooth and reliable trading experience, making KuCoin a preferred choice among traders.

Trading Options:

KuCoin caters to various trading preferences with a range of trading options. Spot trading comes with comprehensive tools, while margin trading allows users to magnify their profits using leverage. For those who prefer a more passive approach, the Trading Bot Pro enables earning passive profits without constant market monitoring.

Comprehensive Futures Trading:

For futures enthusiasts, KuCoin offers a range of futures products, including USDT-Margined Contracts, USDC-Margined Contracts, and Coin-Margined Contracts. The platform also provides Futures Grid Bots, automating long and short strategies to profit from market fluctuations.

No KYC Requirements

KuCoin has a remarkable feature that sets it apart from many other platforms – it does not compel users to undergo the KYC process. Upon registering, you might initially notice a withdrawal daily limit of 0. However, fret not! A straightforward solution awaits: simply enter your name and last name to accomplish level 1 identity verification. This simple step will promptly boost your withdrawal limit to exceed 400$ per day, granting you greater freedom and convenience in managing your funds.

KuCoin Bonus and Rewards:

KuCoin - Bonus Packages

Futures Bonus packages:

KuCoin offers some attractive perks for traders. For example, a package containing 20 USDT Fee deduction coupon and a 5 USDT Trial Fund, originally worth 25 USDT, can be obtained for just 4.99 USDT. Deduction Coupons can be used to deduct up to 100% of futures trading fees. Also, the Trial Funds can be used for futures trading.

You can easily open a futures long or short position using Trial Funds, After closing your position, you wont get the trial funds back. However,  any profit made using trial funds is yours. so it is eligible for withdrawal.

KuCoin Bonus

What are new user rewards?

KuCoin doesn't forget to reward its new users either, providing up to 3,200 USDT in rewards for a limited time. You will achieve these rewards upon completion of various tasks, such as signing up, making their first deposit/crypto purchase, first trade, and more.

KuCoin Rewards

What are Pro Trading rewards?

Pro Trading rewards further add to the platform's appeal, offering exclusive trading tasks that unlock rewards up to 5 USDT. As soon as users complete these tasks, You will recieve USDT rewards and coupons immediately. And the funds are immediately eligible for withdrawal.

Proof of Reserves

KuCoin undergoes independent third-party audits regularly. These audits certify the existence of 1:1 on-chain reserves for all user assets. This means that every cryptocurrency held on the platform is backed by an equivalent amount of reserves.

In conclusion, KuCoin is a comprehensive crypto trading platform that caters to all levels of traders. With its user-friendly interface, high-performance features, NO KYC requirements, and a wide range of trading options, it stands out as a top choice for anyone looking to venture into the world of cryptocurrency trading. Click here to sign up for a new account and receive your withdrawal ready rewards.