MEXC is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, with high-performance trading engine, large liquidity, and a diverse range of innovative trading tools and exciting bonuses.

A Comprehensive Overview of the Cryptocurrency Exchange


MEXC is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange known for its high-performance trading engine, capable of processing an impressive 1.4 million transactions per second. The platform's user-friendly interface and simplicity make it an appealing choice. More importantly, KYC is not mandatory, Spot Maker & Taker Fees are 0%, and there some really innovative tools offered by the platform to maximize your profits.

Trading Options and Services:

MEXC offers a wide array of trading options and services, with spot trading and futures trading taking center stage. However, what sets MEXC apart from its competitors are its exclusive features, which we will delve into below:

MEXC Futures Trading:

With over four years of experience in futures trading operations, MEXC ranks among the top in terms of global liquidity. The platform's robust exchange engine allows for seamless execution of 1.4 million orders per second. As a result, this ensures a smooth and efficient trading experience for users.

Futures Big Data:

MEXC provides valuable real-time data on futures positions, including long/short ratios and liquidations. This information empowers traders to make informed decisions and adapt their strategies based on market trends.

MEXC - 200x

NO-KYC & Flexible Trading Rules

One of the standout features of MEXC is its user-friendly approach, as it does not require users to undergo personal identity verification to access its services. Additionally, MEXC sets itself apart by offering flexible rules to set leverage ratios. From 1x to 200x.

Innovative Trading with Leveraged ETFs:

MEXC introduces Leveraged ETFs, a derivative product that amplifies profits or losses, similar to futures trading. However, unlike traditional futures contracts, ETFs can be traded on the spot market. Each share of a leveraged ETF represents a basket of derivative positions, safeguarding users' accounts during volatile market conditions.

MEXC - Copy Trading

MEXC Copy-Trading Service:

MEXC's Copy Trade feature allows users to automatically mirror the trading actions of professional traders of their choice. So, by selecting a skilled trader to follow, the system will replicate their trades in the user's account.

How to Start Copy Trade?

Users have two options to utilize the Copy Trade service:

a. Become a Trader: Traders can opt to lead others by sharing their trading strategies. In return, they receive a percentage of the profits generated by their followers.

b. Follow an Experienced Trader: Users can choose from a list of professional traders, complete with their profit history and trading performance. Following an experienced trader enables users to maximize their profits while minimizing the risks. Because they put their money to work without actively managing their portfolio.

MEXC - Application


MEXC offers a robust and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency trading, with a particular focus on futures trading and innovative leveraged ETFs.

The Copy-Trading Service adds an extra layer of convenience for users, allowing them to benefit from the experience of skilled traders. And with a 5$ sign up bonus available here, it is absolutely worth trying.